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Andres Molina is an up and coming Love Coach personally trained by a global leader of relationship coaching, Alex Cormont, the French Relationship Expert.

ABA Showcases Andres' Methods

Embracing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace and Executive Leadership

Andres’ Coaching Methods has now been recently published Nationally in The American Bar Association’s Magazine “After The Bar.” Focusing on how EQ (Emotional Intelligence) benefits the working world! Opening the door to his next chapter in Executive Corporate Leadership Coaching!


Meet Andres Perez-Molina

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Valentine's day 2023 Interview

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Andres Perez-Molina is a high profile International Relationship Expert, Life Coach and Actor. 

He was also the Special Guest of our Lean In workshop of the February month. The topic was ‘Building Your Mindset To Attract The Great Relationship’.

Andres presentation and analytic strategic thinking process were structured, targeting all the various energies and areas to successfully achieve the good and long term human connections. He also has geniously communicated to the “Ladies in Suits” members, the importance of a powerful – and ‘flexible’ mindset in the social, personal and professional interactions, including a piece of analysis about interactions in the digital sphere.

Andres was a charismatic Special Guest, and knew how to answer all the questions asked; and more than expected; he planted a remarkable seed, teaching to the audience that every challenge in life – even the most tragic, sometimes, can be overcomed with the accurate and positive state of mind.

Thanks Andres.

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About Andres

To help you find your own passions and values.

With clients in all four corners of the globe, Andres Molina specializes in pinpointing the root cause of a person’s relationship struggles, the solutions that will bring long-term success, and how to maximize a person’s sense of wellbeing. 

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A good coach makes you believe in yourself

Working with a life and relationship coach is a powerful way to transform your life. A trained professional can teach you conflict resolution skills within your personal life, your professional life, and your social life, and give you the tools you need to transform your entire life into what you have always wanted it to be. 


An objective third party can zero in on the root of any issue that is hindering you from success in your life, and provide you with solutions that have been proven to work.


Get to know yourself, your wants, needs, talents, and expectations like never before so that you can finally blossom into the person you have always wanted to be.


With a tailor-made action plan, professional insight, customized solutions, and a personal touch, it is time to reach your full potential.


Our mission is to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Reaching your goals becomes infinitely easier when you have a clear, concise, and effective roadmap!

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Get in control of your life and become the person you have always wanted to be, professionally, romantically, and socially.

Pesonal development

When you have a helping hand that can analyze your personal history, your current life, patterns, habits, roadblocks, wants, and expectations, and turn all of this information into a step-by-step action plan, positive change becomes infinitely easier.

Career Coaching

Your professional goals may seem like an incredibly challenging undertaking until you work with someone who is able to show you how to get there, one day at a time.

Relationship coaching

Romantic relationships come with an array of complexities that can feel impossible to surmount, until you work with someone who is trained to pinpoint the issues at hand and give you the appropriate, long-term solutions.

To help you set goals on the road to self-discovery.

Imagine receiving the answers to your most pressing questions, solutions to your biggest roadblocks, tools that lead you to happiness and success, all in one place. 

That is what coaching is.

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To help you set goals on the road to self-discovery.

Imagine receiving the answers to your most pressing questions, solutions to your biggest roadblocks, tools that lead you to happiness and success, all in one place. 

That is what coaching is.

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One on one coaching is the most effective way to carve out a clear path to your goals.

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Shortly after booking your coaching package, I will touch base with you via email in order to setup a time and day for your coaching session and to ask you to confirm your contact details.
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Yes, it is possible for you to request to have video coaching sessions conducted over Skype.

Coaching can work for anyone: individuals of all ages, genders, cultures, social status or sexual orientation. As long as you have the right mindset, and are willing to put in the work – I am here for you!